The mission of the Northport Farmers’ Market is to advance the prosperity of its members who grow, produce, or present goods or services for sale or lease at farmers’ markets, by helping to improve the business conditions of farmers’ markets, focusing especially on what facilitates participation in farmers’ markets by growers, producers, and sellers.

Activities engaged in to achieve this general goal may include:

  • Collecting, studying, and disseminating information and materials, such as trade statistics and group opinions, in order to encourage the development of farmers’ markets.
  • Fostering cooperation among growers, producers and sellers, and other entities, including governmental bodies
  • Participating in farmers’ market in or around the Village of Northport, NY, and using such participation to gain practical experience useful in achieving the market’s general goal.

Work towards this specific goal may include:

  1. Assisting and cooperating with market’s sponsor and others in organizational work,
  2. Providing to the market’s members, as is possible, one or more benefits that facilitate their participation in this market. These benefits may include providing insurance coverage directly related to participation in order to provide such coverage to its members at a more economical rate then otherwise be available,
  3. Inviting representatives or governmental bodies and other entities to observe or participate in this market and in the market’s organizational work, and
  4. Sharing the lessons of these experiences with governmental bodies and other entities.