Saturday’s Soaps

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
(888) 673-4440

Saturday’s Soaps offers handmade soaps and scrubs.

Handmade Pure Organic

Why does it matter if something is made by hand?

In an age of quality loss mass production, handcrafted goods are especially valued and important.

At Saturday’s Natural Blends, we hand blend natural ingredients—aromatic essential oils, rich butters, botanicals, and herbs and mix in ethical & sustainable business practices and family. And whether it’s for a single bar of cold processed soap or for our super rich Body Buttah you get remarkable fresh goods, extremely effective which heal, soothe, restore and moisturize your skin.

Our soaps, scrubs, balms, just feel better, IS better for your skin. That’s what our customers proclaim!

Now just for the record: no parabens or petroleum, no fake fragrances, alcohol or fillers are ever used – period.

What matters to us is not only what you buy, but what you buy into. It’s not just a bar of soap. It’s Saturday’s Soap. Made many years by hand from a family that cares.


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