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Presenting: Mr. Hoi’s Beef Jerky (by Michael Marotta)

Mr. Hoi’s Beef Jerky is a small, professionally run family operation.  We started out making jerky for family and friends 13 years ago.  Over the years, as we perfected our recipes, the demand grew for our product.  Soon enough we were making batches of our famous jerky every weekend and we knew we had something special.  If you’re someone who loves beef jerky, we know that Mr. Hoi’s will soon be your favorite!

Who is Mr. Hoi exactly?  Mr. Hoi is the nickname of my 6 year old son who, by the way, can’t get enough of his namesake’s fantastic beef jerky!  His love of our jerky is one of the main reasons it’s now been made available to you.

We currently offer 4 flavors of beef jerky:

Original:  A Mr. Hoi’s classic.  This is the flavor that got us started.  With a recipe perfected over the past 13 years, Mr Hoi’s Original flavor beef jerky will definitely satisfy your jerky craving!

Spicy:  Mr. Hoi likes it hot!  We grow our own Habanero peppers to give this jerky a serious kick.  If you like spicy snacks you’ll LOVE Mr. Hoi’s spicy beef jerky.

Teriyaki: Mr. Hoi’s favorite!  A good long soak in Teriyaki sauce gives this jerky a sweet taste that will have you coming back for more.

Sweet & Spicy:  Mr. Hoi’s Sweet & Spicy beef jerky is the best of both worlds.  A touch of heat combined with the sweet flavor of Teriyaki makes this one a fan favorite.  Your taste buds will thank you!

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